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Turku Åbo Summer School offers you Finnish world-class education in an innovative learning environment.

The fully accredited summer courses run in August 2021 in our newly renovated campus area, Turku Science Park.


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Our summer school is a cooperation
between 5 higher education institutions.

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Courses 2021

Online course: Solving wicked problems of the future ocean

Do you want to learn more about marine ecology and maritime business?The Sea – Solving wicked problems of the future ocean course aims to introduce the students to some of the ocean-related wicked......

Ethics of Safety and Well-Being in Nordic Society

Nordic societies are somewhat distinctive for their societal arrangements relating to aspects of safety and well-being. Nordic countries are famous for their welfare states, high quality education......

Timetrek: the natural history of the world

This course provides a basic education in the new field of astrobiology. Astrobiology provides a multi-disciplinal approach, using the tools of all natural sciences, to address the basic questions......

Finland has been described the greenest country in the world. We are the land of thousands lakes, green forests and the midnight sun.

Turku Åbo Summer School honors sustainability in all actions and wants to engage you too!

Our redesigned Sustainable Social Programme offers you interesting, fun activities but also informative tools for making the change.