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Website for the Turku Åbo Summer School 2022 is under construction.
Welcome back in January 2022!

Turku Åbo Summer School offers you Finnish world-class education in an innovative learning environment.

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Our summer school is a cooperation
between 5 higher education institutions.

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Turku Åbo Summer School successfully moved online

In August 2021, 80 participants from 30 different countries opened a connection to Turku, Finland, to join the online version of Turku Åbo Summer School.

Courses 2021

[FULL] Solving wicked problems of the future ocean

Do you want to learn more about marine ecology and maritime business?The Sea – Solving wicked problems of the future ocean course aims to introduce the students to some of the ocean-related wicked......

Ethics of Safety and Well-Being in Nordic Society

Nordic societies are somewhat distinctive for their societal arrangements relating to aspects of safety and well-being. Nordic countries are famous for their welfare states, high quality education......

Multimodal Interaction in Professional Contexts

The aim of the online course is to develop interaction skills with a special focus on linguistic accessibility. The aim is to give an introduction on how to facilitate communication and promote......