From International to Global Marketing


We are entering a new phase of globalization, in which there will be no single geographic centre, no ultimate model for success, no sure strategy for innovation and growth.

Companies from every part of the world will be competing – for customers, resources, talent and intellectual capital – with each other in every corner of the world’s markets. Products and services will flow from many locations to many destinations.

In this course you will  learn how to deal with – and benefit from – global markets.

Date: 9-20.8.2021

Place: Novia UAS, Turku and online

Credits: 5 ETCS

Price: 75€

Application: by 12.4.2021 via online form


A market entry plan


  • the context of going global
  • different alternatives of internationalization
  • analyze a company’s prerequisites for international activities: export-import, market entry, global market mix
  • modern marketing approach with new strategies and new ways of acting

Target audience

Undergraduate students with minimum one year completed of Bachelor’s studies in preferably Business Administration.


Lectures, group work, project work, report, presentations.

Student work load

Lectures and mentoring 30 h, project work in groups 70 h = 100 h


Participation in lectures, activity in group and project work (market entry plan)

Assessment criteria

depth of discussion, quality of project work

Learning materials

Svend Hollensen: Global marketing and other literature to be announced in course.

Number of students: max 25