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Courses 2022

Application has closed for summer 2022.

Course selection 2022

Turku Åbo Summer School offers Bachelor’s and Master’s-level courses from five Finnish Higher Education Institutions.

  • The courses runs in August 2022, with on-site teaching on 8–19 August 2022.
  • All courses are taught in English.
Drop of water in a forest

Circular economy

1–30 August 2022

Group of people hiking in a forest

Community Educators as Adventure Education Experts

Self-paced online course

Container ship

Contemporary International Trade

8–19 August 2022

Digital Media & Social Change

1–30 August 2022

City andscape and light elements

Financing and Financial Markets

1–30 August 2022

A young person writing on a white board

From international to global marketing

August 2022 (to be specified)

Two young people with vr helmets on

Game Design

1–30 August 2022

Group of people communicating in an office

Multimodal interaction

Self-paced online course

Practical Introduction to Social Sustainability

1–30 August 2022

Person sitting on a couch with a laptop

Swedish for Beginners

Self-paced online course