The Finnish education system is famous all around the world. Our education system was ranked the best in the world in 2012 and Finland ranks among the world’s most innovative nations. The studying style in Finland is regarded as relatively independent and we are known for innovative studying methods.

Courses organised in 2017:

Finnish in Working Life for Beginners


Do you want to learn basic Finnish and also get information about Finnish Working Life in an intensive course?
Memories and generations of feminism in Northern Europe


The course explores the history and contemporary forms of feminist struggles in Russia and the Nordic countries.
Game Development


Dreaming of a career in game industry? Want to learn to develop games of your own? Interested in learning more about programming, game graphics or audio design?
Professional Services and Productization



The importance of services, especially professional services is growing all the time. This course gives you the overview, knowledge and skills for marketing and productizing professional services, utilizing the innovation pedagogy method.
Training Course on Baltic Sea Zooplankton Identification

The course includes expert lectures on zooplankton ecology and processes important for understanding the Baltic Sea ecosystem, and hands-on training on zooplankton sample analysis and species identification.