Finnish in Working Life for Beginners

Dates: MON 10–FRI21.8.2020
Organizer: Turku University of Applied Science
Price: 750 €
Credits: 5 ECTS
Class size: min. 10, max. 20 students

Application period will open in January 2020

Do you want to learn basic Finnish and also get information about Finnish Working Life in an intensive course? Have you ever wondered what is happening in Finnish labor market? And getting to know about Finnish culture and arts?

If the answer is yes, then this course is for you!

This course aims to give students basic knowledge Finnish language, culture, and Finnish Working Life. The course focuses on understanding and using basic sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of everyday life and especially in working life.

Students will also get information about Finnish Working Life. Students will also get to know examples of Finnish art, architecture and design.


  • You will learn to introduce yourself and some basic points already at home through web material.
  • The starting level is at least A1.1, and your desirable outcome level is A1.2.


  • Practice of the language both in oral and written communication related to working life
  • Introduction to Finnish art and design
  • Excursion in Turku

Target audience

  • Students or anyone wanting to learn Basic Finnish in intensive course and learn about Finnish Working Life and Finnish culture and arts.


  • Expert lectures, workshops, teamwork in pairs or small groups, virtual learning

Student work load

  • 2 hours + 2-3 hours per day + homework, pre course and past course tasks.

Learning materials

  • Material given during the lectures, workshops and online platform.

Literature (subject to change)

  • The material will be selected based on the needs of the students. The material is prepared by the teachers on online platform.
  • Web material: Introductory Finnish – Self-study
    • Learn the sections 1–3 in advance, latest two weeks before you begin the course in Turku.
        • Section 1: How are you? Mitä kuuluu?
        • Section 2: Are you a student? Oletko sinä opiskelija?
        • Section 3: Where are you going? Mihin sinä menet?


Jaana Kivivuori is working as Finnish language and communications senior lecturer in the Construction Industry in department of Engineering and Business at Turku University of Applied Sciences. She is solid on learning Finnish prompt because of the systematically structure of the Finnish language. She is fond of team learning, gardening, and wild swimming.

Anu Lehtinen is working as senior advisor in Students’ Career Services at Turku University of Applied Sciences. She will give the lectures related to Finnish Working Life.

Ulla Seppälä-Kaven is working as senior lecturer in Master School in the department of Engineering and Business at Turku University of Applied Sciences. She has published two student guide books about design and interiors in Finland.

Subject to change