Innovation Pedagogy
(Innopeda®) in Action

Dates: MON 10–FRI 21.8.2020
Organizer: Turku University of Applied Science
Price: 750 €
Credits: 5 ECTS
Class size: min. 10, max. 15 students

Interested in innovative learning environments and methods? Wish to renew your role as a student or a teacher? Want to learn more about Finnish educational system and university-business cooperation?


This course familiarizes you with innovation pedagogy (Innopeda®), its background, implementation and best practices. Developed at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), the concept of innovation pedagogy (Innopeda®) contributes to the development of new generations of professionals, whose ways of producing, adopting and utilizing knowledge make innovative thinking and creating added value possible.

With our Innopeda® Trainer experts, you get to know the best ways to learn and support learning, and how to develop the competences expected in the future. During the course you experience active and collaborative learning and working methods in practice. Simultaneously, you learn more about your own competences and ways of learning. Additionally, you get acquainted with the Finnish educational systems.

Target groups

This course is targeted for students, university staff and for everyone interested in learning and education in innovative ways.


  • Introduction to Innovation pedagogy
  • Renewing teacher and student roles
  • University-business cooperation
  • Assessing competences
  • Innovative learning environments and methods
  • Innovation pedagogy in action (excursions and visits)


  • Advance assignment and readings
  • Intensive training days (10)
  • Learning portfolio


Innopeda® Trainer expert(s)