The fees are course-specific.

The course fee includes:

  • Registering to the course and customer service
  • Teaching, study facilities in Turku
  • Social Programme*

Fees are payable with a credit card after you have been accepted to Turku Summer School. You will have two weeks to pay the course fee. If we do not receive your payment within two weeks, your course reservation will be cancelled.
Unfortunately Turku Summer School doesn’t offer any scholarships.

Read carefully our cancellation policy.


The courses are free of charge for:

  • Degree students of the TUAS, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi
  • *Social Programme fee is 120 € for TUAS, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi students.

How to arrive in Turku:

To arrive in Turku you must first arrive to Finland!

Turku has its own international airport, roughly 8 kilometers away from the city center. You can fly to Turku from most international airports, with a forced stopover at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Many airlines fly to Finland, the most well-known being Finnair, Lufthansa and British Airways. You can find information about flights to Finland at your local airport.

The price for a two-way trip to Turku depends on the country of departure and the airlines. From Europe, prices usually start at 350€.

If your flight stops at Helsinki-Vantaa and does not leave for Turku, you have two options:

  • At the bus station in front of the airport exit, you can catch a long distance bus to Turku. Many bus lines do this trip at regular hours and for reasonable prices. You can ask for bus information at the info desk of the airport. If you have an international student card, you can have reduced prices.


  • You can take the Finnair bus to the city center of Helsinki, near the train station. There are trains to Turku regularly. Again, you can have reduced prices with an international student card.

You can ask your student coordinator for advice and information.

Visa Requirements (Non-EU students)

Check if you need a visa to enter Finland. If you need a visa, contact the nearest Finnish embassy/consulate about the application procedures.


The Summer School participants book accommodation themselves. The price range for hostel/apartments in Turku is 50—70 EUR/ night.

Health Insurance

Each participant is required to have a health insurance. For the students from EU countries, European Health Security Card is sufficient. The students from outside EU need to acquire private health insurance.