Social Programme

New experiences should also include fun times! In addition to the courses, Turku Summer School arranges various social events to allow you to relax and interact with your new classmates. Parties, sauna evenings, boat trips in the Turku archipelago… Which ones will be your favorite?

Schedule of the Social Programme 2017


Turku: A city of possibilities and discoveries

During your time at Turku Summer School, Finland’s oldest city will be your home and playground for new adventures, and there is much to discover! You can explore the historic past of the city with the cathedral of Turku and the medieval castle, or go for a walk along the River Aura, the heart and soul of Turku. Adventurous spirits will be able to go on cruises in the Turku thousand islands archipelago, or even further, in Tallinn, Estonia or in Stockholm, Sweden. You can spend your days off shopping in one of the many shops and shopping malls, or at events organized in the city. There are many things to choose from! You can learn more about activities in Turku here.

Being in the south of Finland and really close to the sea, Turku enjoys a warm weather in the summer. It is ideal for all outdoors activities! Activities you may participate to with students of all nationalities, and learn more about their hobbies, cultures and countries.

Do not hesitate to contact the Summer School coordinators for everything regarding possible travel plans and activities.


Please notice! 

  • Memories and generations of feminism in Northern Europe course has it own Orientation day on the 8th of August.