Turku – Old town but pretty funky

Turku is the oldest city of Finland and was founded in 1229. Turku has a compact size, perfect for exploring the exciting mixture of old and new. During your time at Turku Summer School, Finland’s oldest city will be your home for new adventures, and there is much to discover! You can explore the historic past of the city with the cathedral of Turku and the medieval castle, or go for a walk along the River Aura, the heart and soul of Turku.

Adventurous spirits will be able to go on cruises in the Turku thousand islands archipelago, or even further, in Tallinn, Estonia or in Stockholm, Sweden.

There are many things to choose from in Turku. Being in the south of Finland and really close to the sea, Turku enjoys a warm weather in the summer. It is ideal for all outdoors activities!


Social Programme 2018

Social Programme 2018 (subject to change)