Oi kesäyö...Oh summer night


Hi you all! I am writing this on December. It’s -5° and the city is preparing itself to Christmas. The picture is from last summer though. In the picture is the ultimate pride of us Turku citizens –Aura River – and the Cathedral.

It’s amazing to think that only 3 months ago I said goodbye to the Summer School 2016 participants. Students were from three continents and spent two weeks here in Turku.

The title of this blog post, Oi kesäyö, reminds me of an August night that I spent with the summer school students. We had a farewell dinner and it lasted late. We talked about life, politics, Japanese burbing habits…

And as I walked home from the dinner, I remember thinking this song.
The song, Kesäyö (summer night), frames a beautiful picture about those never ending summer nights.

It’s going to be so awesome to meet you Turku Summer School 2017 students! I am sure that we will also have many summer nights to remember.

All the best,
Aino Alastalo
Turku Summer School Coordinator